How to support a continuous learning culture with video

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Are you looking to establish a culture of continuous learning in your organisation?

It’s scalable, time/cost effective and human. User-generated video can go a very long way to democratise learning and support your people on a transformation journey.

From role-modelling interesting new ways of working to developing critical and important future skills, real people sharing real experiences is powerful and authentic. But, how do you start? How can you go about it? We’ve compiled our top 25 applications of video storytelling to support a culture change and importantly, a continuous learning culture.

Find out how you can get started with user-generated video, plus the important role it can play in your 2020 strategy and continuous learning culture:

  • Building a business case for user-generated video in your organisation for your people.
  • Fostering the kind of work environment that aids and encourages user-generated content.
  • Understanding potential pitfalls and how you can overcome them.
  • 25 practical applications to support a continuous learning culture.
  • Repurposing tips to make the most of your content consistently.

Carl Hodler – Co-Founder at StoryTagger

Over 25 years in digital education and entertainment has taught Carl a lot. He’s now channelling this expertise and passion in to making learning experiences more personal, human and impactful. Bafta-nominated for projects with Channel 4, Carl also has a deep knowledge of games design, social video and UX. This wider background enables him to bring consumer-level simplicity to mobile digital experiences.